Please Read Before Booking

Scheduling Our Visit:

  • I have provided three options for scheduling our time together. They can be found on the Contact Page or Booking Form.

  • Light screening is mandatory for all first time visitors, or dates. This is a step I take for my safety, as well as yours. I do my best to ensure we are both safe, discreet, and able to fully relax.

  • All information provided will always stay between you and I. This is ensured by my choice to be an independent companion.

  • Please remember to ask permission from any SP, before using them as a reference. It is unnerving, and off putting for some companions when they are contacted out of the blue.

  • Please be sure to plan for an appropriate length of visit, or type of date to accommodate for desired time required. I may not be able to extend our time in person while playing as my “alter ego”. Sometimes I have a shared space, or day to day commitments that I schedule my playtime around.

  • I typically require a minimum of 24-48 hours to accommodate any appointments, but I do try to accommodate shorter notice bookings as well.

  • All appointments require a 25% deposit (Excluding FYTM, Tour appointments or Date packages. Please contact me directly for the specifics around arranging one of these adventures).



  • I feel that our communication is very important and will shape our first impressions, as well as our time together.

  • All forms of communication from the booking form, to emails or texts will receive a confirmation once I have received them via the method of communication you’ve used.

  • Please allow 24-48 hours for a response in the event that I have other obligations, or screening takes a bit longer for our first meeting..

  • Any unprofessional, or inappropriate messages will be ignored. I am a lady in the streets, and wish to be treated as such.

  • I do not answer phone calls for my personal discretion.


Visits or Dates:

  • Upon first meeting please properly introduce yourself.

  • Absolutely, no negotiating my rates during or prior to our visit or date.

  • Please leave an unsealed envelope in plain view (private meeting) or gift bag with the unsealed envelope (public meetings) so we can get any paperwork out of the way.

  • Absolutely, no requests for photos or recording, during our time together. I cannot permit this for my personal and professional discretion.

  • All visits or dates longer than 3 hours will require social time. It is more enjoyable for those involved.

  • I appreciate a minimum of 7 hrs beauty sleep.



  • Hygiene is extremely important to me, and I ask that you take a few minutes at the start of our private time to freshen up.

  • Oral Hygiene is extremely important.

  • I ask that your nails are clean and cut, for my comfort.

  • I consider myself a low-volume companion, due to my extremely busy professional and personal life.


Extended Dates or Fly Me To You:

  • All dates longer than 3 hours will require social time.

  • I appreciate a minimum of 7 hrs  beauty sleep.

  • I appreciate and prefer at least a week or more notice for "Fly Me To You" or "Sweet Escape For Two". I will always do my best to accommodate your schedule, but short notice typically will be tough to manage.

  • All travel expenses, and financial requirements for accommodation  and dining are handled by you. This is over and above what we have discussed, or what you’ve found listed on my site in "Fly Me To You" and "The Sweet Escape For Two".

  • Domestic and International travel - I travel First Class or Business.

  • A 30-50% Deposit is required for "Fly Me To You", or "Sweet Escape For You". Additionally all travel expenses at the time of scheduling our time together.



Gifts are given freely… This means they are never mandatory, but please know that they are very appreciated. So, if you feel that you'd like to indulge in something special for myself, I've shared some of my favorites on the Tokens of Affection page. Gifts can be purchased and given in person when we meet, or perhaps a gift card via email if timing or distance keeps us apart.


** Please Note: I will not provide my address under any circumstances.


  • Because of how selective I am, and how I prefer to limit my encounters allowing our dates to be special… Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours without penalty. 

  • If something causes you to cancel with less than 24 hours, please contact me right away. I may require 50% of the booking owed (especially if I have already committed financially towards our time). 

  • If you simply don't attend our date, and choose not to contact me in advance then 100% of the original booking is owed.

  • Failure to comply with the cancellation policy, and failure to pay cancellation fees will result in being "Blacklisted". 


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