Date Night

 Our date can be a fun filled with activities that our/your beautiful city has to offer. As we enjoy our time holding hands, embracing each other and sharing sweet kisses.

Includes: 3 hours for our date with travel time included, plus 1.5 hours of private time.


Dinner Date

Let's start by enjoying a wonderful dinner, conversation and innocent flirting.

Includes: 2 hours for Dinner and 2 hours of Dessert.


Social Date

 Have an event or engagement, and looking for that special lady to accompany you?

Includes: 4 hours for social events only


*Additional hours can be added for longer events.*

Let's Spend Our Day Together

Let's enjoy our day together exploring the city or countryside together. After our fun filled day let's enjoy dinner together. After that we'll sneak away to enjoy dessert together. 

Includes: 4 hours for an outing, 2 hours for dinner and dessert and 2 hours of private time.  


Ultimate Overnight

Looking to indulge a little? Well this may be what your seeking! Let's spend our evening together, and exploring one another from head to foot.

Includes: 14 hours dusk till dawn 


Total Blissful Encounter

Just the two of us, and lets make ever an lasting memory! Enjoying meals, romantic day and lets get lost in the sheets together!

Includes: 24 hours  



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