So glad you decided we are a match!

I have decided to include 3 options for booking. I want to have the opportunity, and whichever of the three you’re most comfortable with is a great way to arrange our date. Please understand that light screening is mandatory for scheduling our time together, for both of our safety and comfort.


The 3 methods of contact are:

  • Booking Inquiry Form - I have included this so you have a step by step method of contacting me that allows you to provide the screening information from first contact.

  • My email is 

  • My number for texting is (416) 576-0103 (I am only able to text and I do not take phone calls for my own discretion. I am often around others when I am not enjoying my alter ego Kenna Winters.)

When contacting me by email, or text please include:


Date you are interested in meeting

My location or yours (please include your address if you are looking for me to visit you)

How long you would like to visit, and type of date you’re seeking

You phone number

On first meeting please send the following with your rendezvous details:

Social Media Handle (If you have one)

2 Recent Provider Reference (Please ask permission before disclosing their information)

Alternatively for those who do not have current references I do allow you to use a photo of yourself with a piece of photo ID

It is also helpful if you include your preferred method of communication, and specifics about timing should there be discretion concerns. Please feel free to send screening information in advance by submitting it via booking form, text or by sending it directly to my private email. Getting it out of the way means there is less chance of delays when we explore with one another.


** Please note - when you contact me you will receive a confirmation that I received your information. 


Please be assured all screening information is 100% confidential, and I only use an encrypted email. Additionally please allow up to 48 Hours to complete the screening process. I'll do my best to complete it sooner, but it is often out of my hands while waiting for references to reply. The more information and methods of screening you include will directly impact how complex or easy it is to get this step out of our way.


I often require a minimum of 24 hours to accommodate any dates (especially if you are visiting me), but I do try to accommodate shorter notice bookings too.


Because of how selective I am, and how I prefer to limit my encounters allowing our dates to be special… Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours without penalty. If something causes you to cancel with less than 24 hours, please contact me right away. I may require 50% of the booking owed (especially if I have already committed financially towards our time). If you simply don't attend our date, and choose not to contact me in advance then 100% of the original booking is owed.


All appointments require a 25% deposit
(Excluding FYTM, Tour appointments or Date packages. Please contact me directly for the specifics around arranging one of these adventures.)

I'd like to personally Thank you, for taking the time to explore my site. Everything on my site was personally done by myself. Look forward to building a long lasting relationship. So excited, can't wait to meet you!


Kenna Winters



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