Real GFE with a little edge
Welcome Lover!


Have you ever caught yourself thinking of the sexy exotic girl down the road?


You see her walk past your house every morning as she walks her dogs. You catch yourself gazing at her curves as they are hugged lovingly by her tight leggings, and low cut tank top. As she draws near, your eyes meet and you find yourself completely enthralled by the intensity of her hazel eyes. Her lashes flutter as her gaze lowers, and she bites her bottom lip as she catches herself staring back. She passes so close that you can smell her subtle perfume, and you cannot help but watch her walk away with a delicious swing of her hips, and long, silky black hair lovingly caressing her back.

Well, I'm that girl next door!

I am a curvaceous 5’7”, 32DDD-29-33 vixen with hazel eyes, silky black hair and an olive complexion that I owe to my exotic Italian & Aribic roots. I am a sensuous blend of sweetness, and edge as that exotic girl next door with a hint of body art.


I am your perfect companion for any occasion. Time with me will completely change your perspective. From friendly, fun and playful straight through to relaxing, and peaceful. Our time together will be what we make of it. You will feel totally pampered and satisfied by the end of our date. I hope to provide you with a sensual, genuine and discreet encounter, which will create long lasting memories!

I would love the opportunity to share a wonderful sensual experience together. I am sure we will delight in one another as we take the art of the tease, and combine it with intense pleasure. From the tip of my toes to the top of my head… It gives me immense pleasure to indulge my femininity in beautiful dresses, alluring outfits, and a variety of delicious lingerie. I am very elegant by nature, and yet I am perfectly comfortable as the girl next door in more casual attire. No matter what I wear... I look forward to finding something sexy to tantalize you with when we meet for our encounter.


Take a deeper look at the things which inspire me… 


Ever since I can remember, I've had a love for animals of all kinds. My dogs are a huge part of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was fortunate and grew up around horses, and to this day much of my down time is spent riding. I also grew up on the west coast, which fostered a love and appreciation for marine life as well. The ocean has had a huge impact in my life, and my secret wish is that I've always dreamt about having the chance to swim with dolphins (I have never had the opportunity as of yet). 

I have also lived a very adventurous life! My philosophy has been that you only live once, so I'm trying to explore all that I can. From experiences, to visiting other countries… I want to experience it all!


So far I have had the opportunity to explore a number of other countries, as well as provinces and states when I’ve travelled closer to home. Europe, Canada, the USA and Caribbean have been my playground and a starting point for my hope to see the whole world. To date I've been to volcanic areas in both Portugal and Hawaii, snorkeled in the Caribbean and Hawaii, and had the pleasure of skiing and snowboarding at Whistler. I’ve traveled through the USA, and tried to experience as much as I have been able from the West Coast, through the Mid-South and right over to the East Coast.


My love for warmer weather and beaches is a weakness I'm always chasing. I also enjoy traveling to other countries so I can explore and experience other cultures. I am always ready for an adventure. Are you ready to experience one with me?


Music is the key to my soul! Exploring my deeply sensual relationship with music is best embraced while listening and dancing to a variety of genres that touch my heart. I’ve found Latin music brings happiness into my life, and many of my closest friends would say that you'll often find me dancing around my place!

Another couple of tidbits that you may not know are that I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with friends and loved ones (it gives me a lot of pleasure to cook for them, and delight in the companionship - authentic tacos are a must have in my life), and that my love of latin culture brought sugar skulls into my life (I love collecting, and displaying sugar skulls all around my home. I find the vibrant colours, and unique designs appeal to my eye).

Thank you for taking a deeper look, I look forward to exploring with you!


Kenna Winters

​​Ethnicity: Italian and Arabic

Hair Color/Style/Length: Black/Straight/Mid-Back
Eyes Color: Hazel

Complexion: Olive
Height:  5’7”

Age: 30

Body Type: Curvy

Cup: DDD Natural
Bust: 81cm / 36”
Waist: 61cm / 29”
Hips: 84 cm 38”
Shoe: 9

Piercings: No

Tattoos: Yes


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